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My New Spring Project

So what will be perfect now that it really is spring? Flower boxes!  I am so over winter and I would love to purchase a lot of window boxes (we have quite a number of windows) because I plan to celebrate spring. I hope I can find a windowbox that is exactly the same color […]

To go Back to School?

Ever since the thought of my Julie entering college a year from now entered my mind, I too have been checking out online schools.  This isn’t for Julie it’s for me just in case I get that feeling of wanting to go back to school.  I guess it just stems from the feeling that she’ll […]

Julie’s Prom Soon

I’ve been so busy fixing a lot of things for Julie that my friends have noticed my absence online. I don’t regret it though, I love arranging all these things for Julie’s prom and at times I feel I’m even more excited than she is. We had a blast trying to find a perfect prom […]


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