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A Friend’s Dilemma

A friend of mine has been rethinking, and doing a lot of decision making if he would go for hair restoration for baldness treatment. He has actually tried a lot of products for the prevention of hair loss but to no avail, so that’s why he has thought of asking for professional help. You see, […]

Longing for a “ME” Time

I have recently been feeling a little bit tired and so drain from work. I couldn’t even spend a long time in front of my PC and do my online stuff. Right now, I long to have a very good massage or just a back rub would do. I would also love to go out […]

Change is Not Impossible

With all the problems our world is facing right now, hunger, poverty, war, corruption, drug abuse, alcoholism and so on and so forth, it is so hard to imagine that we can never change it anymore, that all these problems will totally overwhelm us and will draw us into the drain. But we can always […]


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